What’s new in Stagelight 3.2




Stagelight 3.2 for Android, macOS and Windows is here and with it comes tons of under the hood enhancements, including:

-New: Save and load Songs from from Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive
-New: Song Editor: You can now rename, add your own custom image and delete songs from Stagelight
-New: Custom Song Folder Support
-Easily import or export songs from different locations
-New: Better MIDI Importing and Exporting
-New Feature Unlock offerings
-Numerous additional enhancements and cpu optimizations
-Added Support for Intel based Chromebooks
-Added German and French translations

Now let’s breakdown the latest big features!

Song Transfer

Easily share project files across all your mobile and desktop devices. With so many personal devices being used today, Stagelight makes it easy to create and share project files across all compatible handheld and desktop devices.

Track Freeze

Double track count by increasing device processing power through audio rendering.


  • Includes freeze/unfreeze of individual tracks
  • Freeze/Unfreeze All Tracks

Mixer View

Take your Stagelight mix to new heights and mix more sounds than ever.


  • Fullscreen Mixer View
  • New: Send Effect Tracks
  • Unlimited Sends
  • Pre/Post Routing
  • Higher resolution Volume Faders
  • Enhanced Peak Metering
  • Optimized Track Filters
  • Force Mono switch
  • Master Track view with global view switches

Apple Compatibility

Stagelight is now available for macOS.


  • VST/AU Plug-in support included with Stagelight Ultimate
  • Minimum Hardware Specs: Dual Core CPU or better, 1GB of RAM (2GB is recommended) and 300MB of available storage.
  • Stagelight is available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

UI Enhancements

New look and feel adds depth and dimension.


  • Enhanced color scheme with added layers and depth
  • Smooth animation transitions
  • New Transport design allows you to keep more in view
  • Redesigned Track Mixer with collapsible panels


Choose your platform to download Stagelight.