Tips-and-Tricks-Stagelight   Watch our official tutorial video series that will teach you how to master Stagelight and take control of all the software’s features including: Drum Track, Synths, Audio Settings, MIDI Controller setup, Track Templates and much more.

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Stagelight 4 for iOS is here! Are you a new user? If you need help getting started we highly recommend this new tutorial created by The Sound Test Room. Follow their channel for the latest music app reviews, demos and tutorials for iPad and iOS.

SampleVerse Video Series


SampleVerse is a brand new hybrid synth/sampler instrument with a built-in arpeggiator plus full MPE support. In this video series we will explore SampleVerse. Watch how to use the note grid and easy sampling modes to get started on the new SampleVerse instrument.

Tips and Tricks Video Series

In this video we walk you through how to download and access the content that comes with Store Pass. Follow these instructions to locate each drum kit, preset and loop.
Songs Backup
In this installment of Stagelight tips and tricks we show you a couple of ways to safely backup your songs. Back it up, back it up!
 Drum Track

In this installment we walk you through the drum track. Learn about auto swipe drum fills, on-screen pads, control panel options and how to access the MIDI editor.

Importing Audio

In this video we show you how to import audio and sample libraries in to Stagelight. It’s a great way to customize Stagelight to your own work flow!

Track Template

The latest version of Stagelight introduces the ability to make and save track templates. Here’s a walk through on how to use them in your workflow.

Drum Automation

Here we take a look at at the drum track’s new automation graphs. Control Pitch, Reverse, Velocity, Push/Pull, High Cut, Low Cut, Sub-Divide, Velocity Jitter and Pan Jitter.

 Record to Timeline

In this video we walk you through recording your ideas from Stagelight’s Loopbuilder view to the Timeline. Learn to use the flexibility of LoopBuilder and Timeline view into your workflow.

 Browser Update

In this tips and tricks we take a look at Stagelight’s updated browser, which brings drag & down functionality and easy importing of sounds to the user library.

MIDI Import/Export

In this episode we walk you through MIDI file sharing in Stagelight. Learn how to import and export your own musical ideas into MIDI data to share between collaborators or any third party musical creation software.

Setting Up MIDI Controller

Learn the process of setting up and recording with MIDI controllers. You will be able to use your MIDI controller on Stagelight’s instruments including the drum and piano tracks.


In this installment of Stagelight tips and tricks we will take a look at our built in subtractive synthesizer, Electrosynth. Learn the ins and outs of ElectroSynth to create your own classic synth sounds.

Windows Audio

Let’s dive into the Windows 10 low latency audio device and learn how to set it up to record vocals and other other audio sources.

Produce Like a Pro

Professional audio recording tips for beginners from multi-platinum producer Warren Huart.

Stagelight Creator Videos









Are you a video creator that has an interest in making your own videos covering our software Stagelight? You’re in luck! We want to hook you up with all that Stagelight has to offer but we need your help to create some pro videos along the way. Email us to inquire about our Affiliate Video program. Once you post your video, send us a short email with a link to your YouTube Channel or Video, Name and your registered Stagelight email so we can start a communication with you. You’ll get a generous amount of reward credits applied to you account plus become a featured video creator on our website and social media channels. We look forward to hearing from you!