Sounds & Features

Stagelight comes jam packed with royalty-free sounds and easy to use yet professional and advanced features making music creation ultra-simple and fun. Build beats, mashup loops and create songs with Stagelight’s wide array of popular sound packs or easily add your own sounds and take control of your mix with Stagelight’s mobile friendly touch tools. It is easy to hook up a MIDI controller or add 3rd party software. When you’re ready to share your music with the world, simply mix it down with one touch and send it out via your favorite social network. Stagelight makes all of this fun and easier than anything you have ever tried before.


All it takes is a few seconds in Stagelight to discover, audition and download lots of amazing, free-to-use audio loops and sounds. Stagelight comes with the latest and hottest sound packs including EDM, Dubstep, Rock, Hip Hop and more! Browse through and create your own custom drum kits and audio mashups with included sounds or mix it up with hundreds of genre specific loops and sounds right from the In-app Store.


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Music is perhaps the greatest way to express yourself and your unique style. Now with Stagelight you can easily create, play and share your music with friends, family and the world with just one simple click. It’s that easy. Get your music heard globally without ever having to leave the app. Stagelight provides sharing by connecting you directly to your SoundCloud.


When it comes to making music more fun and less complex, nothing does it better than Stagelight. You don’t have to be an engineer or even an established musician to get started. With the simplest interface and touch controls, it’s simple to make edits, adjust notes, change tempo, add effects and filters and keep everything in time with Stagelight smart controls. Stagelight does the heavy lifting and leaves the fun and creative elements to you.

Master your Mix

Stagelight gives you the power to mix your songs easily and with touch-friendly controls for Volume, Pan, Mute and more. It’s simple to add and fine-tune your mixes with powerful tools such as EQ and Compressor.

Touch-Screen Controls

Stagelight was designed from the ground up to be used with both touch and non-touch devices. Stagelight automatically scales to meet your device resolution making it easy to create, edit, copy/paste, add/delete and make fine tuning adjustments all with your fingertips.

Record In Time Every Time

Stagelight’s Grid feature is the perfect tool to keep you playing on time, every time. Just swipe in your beat and let Stagelight do the rest. You can even change time, pattern and key after you record in your performance.



 MIDI and Stagelight

MIDI recording and editing has never been so easy. Simply use the onscreen instruments or connect your favorite hardware controller and with one touch you will be recording and editing MIDI like never before. Stagelight will capture your MIDI performance, dynamics, timing, velocity and so much more.

Connect MIDI

Connecting MIDI devices and controllers is only one click away with Stagelight’s MIDI Learn function. It’s fast and easy and never complicated to start sequencing with 3rd party controllers and/or onscreen instruments.


MIDI Editor

Stagelight’s touch-enabled MIDI editor, piano roll and drum track sequencer make it fun to paint, stretch and place your MIDI notes exactly where you want them.

MIDI Velocity

Draw, tap or swipe in the perfect Hip Hop, Trap or Rock beat. Stagelight’s easy-to-use velocity editing delivers powerful dynamics to your sound bringing your music to life.