Everything you need to get started

Stagelight 4 comes with a palette of virtual instruments and effects, but the fun doesn’t stop there. You can expand the app’s feature set at your own pace by upgrading to Platform Unlock V4 to take advantage of the full potential of Stagelight’s native effects and instruments. The on-screen drum pads and keyboards will transform your mobile device into a complete music studio.

SampleVerse built-in arpeggiator

 Drum Track

Produce Hip Hop, Rock and EDM beats with confidence. Play with and mix up drum patterns and sounds with what’s being called ‘the best beat maker on Android!’ Stagelight’s Drum Track is designed to make creating beats fun and simple for everyone. Simply tap in a beat with your finger or swipe from left to right to autofill elements and watch how Stagelight keeps everything in time. It’s easy to change tempo, add effects, swap drum sounds or build your own custom drum kits.

16 step drum sequencer

10 automation graphs

50+ drum kits & patterns

Forward & Reverse hit

 9 Instruments

Stagelight comes packed with amazing virtual synth instruments including the brand new SampleVerse – a hybrid MPE synth/sampler and popular ElectroPulse – a stunning 3-voice analog style synthesizer. Buying the Platform or Ultimate Unlock V4, you’ll have full access to all  9 instruments including, ElectroComposer, ElectroSynth, ElectroBass, ElectroGuitar, ElectroKeys and ElectroOrgan. Stagelight’s wide array of instruments are easy to use, simple and designed for ‪‎all genres of music!‬

 Key Lock Feature


Anyone can play piano with Stagelight. Choose from any of the included on-screen instruments or add your own VSTs and start making flawless music. Stagelight’s Key Lock is literally the piano that can’t play wrong notes. Key Lock allows you to maintain the proper key and scale of your song without ever hitting a bad note. Key Lock enables complete musical freedom.

 Audio Effects

Stagelight comes with excellent audio effects including EQ, Compressor, Delay and Flanger.


Unlock More

Browse through all 14 Stagelight Effects including AutoWah, AutoFilter, BitCrusher, Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Drive, Equalizer, Filter, Flanger, Gater, Glitch6, Limiter and Reverb. Explore and use professional presets right away or unlock the full potential and customize them to suit your sound.


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