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Stagelight is easy enough for everyone and powerful enough for a pro. Think of it like a beatmaker’s sketchpad for song ideas. With Stagelight 4, you can make beats, sample audio, build loops or even create full multi-track songs with drum, instrument, audio and vocal tracks. Start a beat on your phone, build it out on your tablet and finish the song on your computer.



The new sound of Stagelight

is out of this world

Stagelight brings the power of sampling to everyone. Musicians can make their own universe of sounds quickly and easily.

Three modes of intelligent sample design


Play with the Note Grid or the on-screen keyboard to perform and bend notes with expression.  Choose a wide selection of high quality presets to get you started.


Arpeggiate, pulse, shift and filter sounds with complete control right from the edit section. Take a deeper dive when you’re ready to create new combinations of sounds.


Stagelight makes sampling like a pro easy for new musicians. Record your own samples with just your device’s built-in mic or any input. Sample any sound you want, and SampleVerse will intelligently key map and lay your audio across the on-screen keyboard. Create custom sample banks and build your own library of sampled content for further editing.  Built-in support for drag & drop SFZ or Wav files on all desktop platforms. 

Boundless expression


MPE or MIDI Polyphonic Expression, is the biggest advancement to MIDI in over 30 years. MPE blurs the boundaries between keyboards and stringed instruments. With MPE and Stagelight, your touchscreen devices transform into expressive instruments that anyone can play.




Stagelight’s work flow simplifies beatmaking for new musicians and allows pros to take their beats to the next level with Stagelight’s Drum Track.

Create dynamic patterns and even swipe right on any cell to auto-fill any drum hits
Perform beats with on-screen pads
10 Automation graphs give you even more professional controls including Velocity, Pan, Pitch, Sub-Divide, Push/Pull,  Reverse and more

Choose from dozens of new kits, patterns and access expansion packs. Customize, browse and import your own drum hits

In-App Store


  • Find new and exclusive Stagelight content

  • New packs released regularly

  • Instant access to all content with StorePass


Learn the ins and outs of music production through step-by-step tutorials for anyone just getting started. Stagelight’s in-app lessons make music education fun and rewarding. Access lessons like building a beat, recording instruments, editing audio, MIDI, mixing and much more!

Capture inspiration in two musical ways

LoopBuilder (DJ Mode)

LoopBuilder is a loop-style production feature that enables anyone to build music quickly by adding, arranging and triggering audio, drum, instrument or vocal loops either individually or in groups, complete with automatic beat syncing. Choose from thousands of sounds in Stagelight’s vast loop library, or you can import or record your own loops.

Timeline (Traditional Mode)

Timeline works similarly to traditional DAWs with a linear-based sequencer workflow. It also offers advanced features such as multitrack recording, advanced automation, precise editing and more.


Third party plugin support

Scan and run VST, AU and AUv3 plugins 

Full-screen Mixer

Mix, pan and filter channels, access track I/O properties, add audio effects and sends

MIDI Learn

Latch and control virtually any on-screen parameter with a MIDI controller

Pro Export Options

Mixdown song, mixdown tracks separately or mixdown to SoundCloud.com

Key Lock

Quickly maintain the key and mode of your composition

Track Freeze

Freeze any instrument or audio track to free up CPU power 

Cloud Saving

Save and load songs using Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

Track Templates

Browse from many included presets, and create your own track templates out of your favorite instrument and effect combos.

Song Transfer

Transfer songs between mobile, tablet and desktop devices with ease

9 Instruments

Drum Track, SampleVerse, ElectroPulse, ElectroSynth, ElectroBass, ElectroGuitar, ElectroComposer, ElectroKeys and ElectroOrgan

14 Effects

AutoFilter, AutoWah, BitCrusher, Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Drive, Equalizer, Filter, Flanger, Gater, Glitch6, Limiter and Reverb

120 Expansion Packs

Over 9000 sounds including loops, presets and drum kits

Pricing & Availability

We want to democratize music creation by delivering software that is inexpensive, easy-to-use and powerful across all popular devices and platforms.



We believe music is in everyone. You just have to trust us and give it a try at no cost. That’s why Stagelight is free to get you started on your journey into music.  Sign up and you’ll be making music in just a few clicks. Access  beginner lessons, a powerful drum track, simplified instruments, effects and loops.

Platform Unlock


Stagelight Platform Unlock V4 for iOS or Android ($14.99) is an affordable way to start making music on your phone or tablet. Windows or macOS ($49.99) inexpensively unlocks the power of Stagelight on your computer. Access the complete SampleVerse instrument with arpeggiator controls, MPE, extra presets and the ability to harness the power of third party VST/AU/AUv3 plug-in support (Windows, macOS and iOS only.)

Ultimate Unlock


Ultimate  Unlock V4 ($149.99) combines the best of everything Stagelight 4 has to offer. Unlock every platform for all of your devices across Android, ChromeOS (systems supporting Android apps), iOS, macOS and Windows. This alone is an amazing deal, but that’s not all, Ultimate will also include StorePass: instantly access over 120 packs and  over 10,000 sounds available in Stagelight’s in-app store. Buying all of Stagelight’s current content packs alone would cost over $700 dollars. With Ultimate and StorePass you get it all. And it is a gift that keeps on giving as you will have free access to all new features and sounds for version 4 as they are released. Treat yourself; you are worth it.



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