Music Is In You

Stagelight is the easiest way to create music on Windows, Android, ChromeOS and macOS! With Stagelight, you can make beats, mix loops or even create full multi-track songs with drum, instrument, audio and vocal tracks. Select your platform, download Stagelight and get started today!









Make music like a DJ

LoopBuilder is a loop-style production feature that enables anyone to build music quickly by adding, arranging and triggering audio, drum, instrument or vocal loops either individually or in groups, complete with automatic beat syncing. Choose from thousands of sounds in Stagelight’s vast loop library or you can import or record your own loops.

Make music your way with Timeline mode

Timeline Mode works similarly to traditional DAWs with a linear-based sequencer workflow. It also offers advanced features such as multitrack recording, advanced automation, precise editing and more.

Lessons and Tutorials

Stagelight’s in-app lessons make music education fun and rewarding. Access lessons like: Building a beat, learning how to record instruments, editing audio, MIDI, mixing and much more!

Powerful and Versitile

Beginners and hobbyists can quickly build beats by browsing through multiple presets by genre or create their own track templates that include instrument and effect combos.

Free to Share

Don’t just listen to music. Create and share it with Stagelight’s stereo exporting to SoundCloud feature. Save space on your device and use Cloud Saving to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Get Started for FREE today!

Want to see more features and capabilities?

Dive deeper into all the instruments, effects and technical specs.