How do I get Stagelight?

Go to the download page HERE to get the latest version of Stagelight.

What are the system requirements for Stagelight?



400MB of free disk space

Screen Resolution: 1280×768

Windows 7/8 (32bit and 64bit)

Intel Bay Trail class processors or higher




400MB of free disk space

Screen Resolution: 1280×768

macOS 11+

Intel Bay Trail class processors or higher


Minimum device specs are:

Dual-Core CPU

1024 x 768 resolution screen


400MB of free space

Android 4.4+

Recommended device specs are:

Quad-Core CPU

2GB RAM or more



iOS 11 and above

iPhone 6 or above


How do I log in to Stagelight?

You will need to create a new user account or login to your existing account in order to access the in-app store and download the features and content that you have purchased.

For returning users, you will just need to click ‘Sign-in with email address’ and enter the email address that you used to purchase Stagelight in the login section of the in app store.

You can also log in using your Gmail or Microsoft accounts if you use on of these email address to create your account.

For new users, you will need to click the sign in with email, or sign in using your Mircosoft or Google login and create a new account.

**Please note that promo codes or product keys are not necessary to create an account.**

Product keys are only given out by our retail partners, like Dell, Guitar Center and Reverb.com. Promo codes are used for special promotions. Once you have enter your email address or created a new account, you will be sent a verification email, you will need to reply to this to complete the login process.

How do I purchase Store Credits?

You can purchase credits for use in the in app store in the Android, iOS and Windows Store version of Stagelight. These transactions will take place within the Store of the selected platform.

What's the difference between Content credits vs Cash credits?

The Stagelight store uses two types of credits: Content credits and Cash credits

Content credits are given when you register your Stagelight account, use our referral program to get other users to sign up, and when you purchase one of the feature unlocks. These credits can only be used to purchase loop and preset packages, not feature unlocks.

Cash credits are credits that are purchased from the IOS, Google Play or Windows stores. These credits can be used to purchase any items in the Stagelight in app store, including feature unlocks and content.

You can check the status of your credits in the in app store by pressing “store credit” in the upper right corner. Here you will see your total credit amount and a breakdown of how much of your total credits are Cash credits and how much are Content credits.

How can I purchase Items in the In-App Store?

In the Windows version of Stagelight, you can use a credit card directly in the app to make purchases. All credit card purchases are processed by Paypal and Open Labs does not retain any of your credit card data.

In the Android and iOS versions, you will need to purchase credits through the Google Play Store or App Store. These credits can be used in both the Windows and Android versions

What are the differences between the Windows, Mac, iOS and Android versions of Stagelight?

The Windows, Mac, iOS and android versions of Stagelight are functional the same, but they require separate licenses. All in-app content is shared between devices and projects need to be transferred between Android to Windows, iOS or Mac and vice versa.

The Windows, iOS and Mac versions of Stagelight support VST and/or plugins, which are not available on the Android platform.

Why is Stagelight not displaying properly?

stagelight app open gl fix

Stagelight 2.3 uses a new version of Open GL to increase performance. Some computers will need to either update the Intel graphics drivers or turn off open gl to solve graphical issues caused by older versions of Open GL.

Here is a link to the latest Open GL drivers from INTEL. If this does not work, please turn off Open GL, you can do this by going to

C:\Program Files\Stagelight and running StagelightOpenGLSetting.

Make sure that off is selected in the StagelightOpenGLSetting tool and press exit.  If you are still having issues with this, please open a support ticket HERE

USB Mic Set Up?

To record audio in Windows, you will need to use an ASIO compatible device. If your USB Mic does not have a native ASIO driver, you can use ASIO4ALL as your audio device, this video will walk you through the process:



In Mac OSX you will need to set up an Aggregate audio device, this article will walk you through: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202000

Once you have set this up, the new device will appear in your audio device option in Stagelight.


How do I connect a Midi Keyboard?

You can configure up to 8 Midi Devices (controllers and keyboards) in Stagelight.

To activate your midi controllers, go to Menu > Options > Midi Input.

When you add an instrument track you will be able to play the instrument from any midi device that you have added. You can also press the track I/O button on your instrument track and choose a single device that will play the instrument on your track.

How do I Record Audio in Stagelight?

The video below will walk you through how to set Stagelight up to record audio in Windows.

The step to record audio will be the same in other platforms, you will just need to select your device audio drive in the audio device menu.

I can't hear anything?

If you are not able to hear anything in Stagelight make sure that your internet browser, Skype, media players like iTunes, and any other audio programs are closed. After closing these programs you will need to close and reopen Stagelight. If you still can not hear anything after closing other programs, go to Menu > Settings > Audio and make sure that your primary audio device, normally labeled Speakers, is selected under Audio Device. You may need to restart Stagelight if you change the ASIO Device If you still can not hear anything after following the first two steps, close Stagelight, download and install ASIO4ALL from http://www.asio4all.com/ Open Stagelight and go to Menu > Settings > Audio and select ASIO4ALL as the audio device. See if you are able to get sound at that point. Please look over the ASIO4ALL FAQ for troubleshooting.

Stagelight can't find my virtual Instrument/FX plugins?

Stagelight supports VST and AU instrument and FX plugins. To use external  plugins in Stagelight you will need to go to Menu > Settings > Plugins and set your plugin directories by clicking in one of the four blank slots. The most common plugin paths in Windows are C:/Program Files/VstPlugins and C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Vstplugins.

Check these locations outside of Stagelight before you set your plugin directories to be sure that you setting the correct path. After you have set your VST plug in paths, press the Rescan All button. It may take a few minutes to scan all of your VST plugins.

How do I transfer my Stagelight projects from Android to Windows?

You can transfer songs between devices that are both on the same Wifi network and logged in to the same Stagelight user account, this video will walk you through it:


You can also save your songs to Google drive or Microsoft Onedrive in the song menu. You will be able to create a share link from your drive page or app and load the song directly on any device running Stagelight that is logged in to your Google drive or Microsoft Onedrive

Can I add my own sounds and loops to Stagelight?

You can add sounds from your personal sound library by going to the user folder in the drum or loop browser and right clicking on an empty spot. This will launch a browser that will allow you to choose sounds from any location on your device.


Audio Recording is off on Android. What can I do?

Calibrate your device to compensate for audio recording latency by following the steps below:

-Start Stagelight and press the Menu button on the Home Screen.

-Select “Calibrate Recording” to display the Audio Latency Tester.

-Make sure your speakers are turned up and that you do not have headphones plugged in.

-Press the “Run Calibration” button. You will hear 8 long beeps which will calculate the latency of your device.

-Press OK to close the Audio Latency Tester

How to apply to the Stagelight Forum?

We have moved all forum activity to the Stagelight google play community page. You can access it HERE

The best way to get quick support will be to email support directly at: support@openlabs.com or open a support ticket at http://support.openlabs.com

We will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

What is the return policy for Stagelight In-App purchases?

Stagelight In-App Refund Policy:

  • No refunds will be issued for in-app purchases including 3rd Party Content, Audio Loops and Sounds

Incompatibility Refunds:

Refunds in the form of Stagelight Store Credit may be issued for incompatibility reasons only

  • Stagelight Store Credit can only be issued for Stagelight Features, Instruments and Effects
  • Contact Support HERE to request a store credit refund
What is the Stagelight user licensing agreement?