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Stagelight EDU software in the classroom


Stagelight EDU is the easiest and best way to teach, learn, create and share music on Chrome OS, Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices. Stagelight EDU empowers both teachers and students to make beats, mix loops or even create full multi-track songs with drum, instrument, audio and vocal tracks. With royalty-free sounds, customizable in-app lesson plans and more, Stagelight EDU is music education for the next generation

Music Education For The Next Generation


in-app-LessonsIn-App Lessons & Online Curriculum: Access to over 30 lessons including assignments and teacher notes

Create-with-StagelightLesson Builder: Easily customize and create in-app lessons

Sounds-Built-inStorePass: Access to over 9000 loops and presets (with new content added monthly)

Add-Unlimited-TracksUnlimited Tracks: Audio, MIDI, Drum and Instruments

LoopBuildersLoopBuilder: Loop-style recording allows for easy looping and mashups

Timeline-RecordingTimeline: Traditional Linear-style recording, arranging and editing of songs

CrossPlatformCross-platform Support: Chrome OS devices supporting Android apps, Windows, macOS, and Android



Designed for the classroom, Stagelight’s in-app lessons make music education fun and rewarding for teachers and students. 101-401 level lessons provide hands on instruction, step-by-step learning, and intuitive techniques for music creation.


Want to create your own step-by-step lessons? No problem. Stagelight comes with a simple-to-use lesson engine built for teachers to create, customize and distribute individual lesson plans right to students and faculty.



Stagelight’s online music curriculum provides teachers and students a fun and comprehensive way to learn and teach the fundamentals of digital music creation; everything from song structure to mix down to sharing and more!

What Teachers are saying.

“I love Stagelight. I set it up in my school’s library so that kids can use it during their lunch periods. Without fail they’re making music within 30 minutes.”

– Eric, Music Teacher, NYCISD

“I use Stagelight in my classroom and think that it meets, if not exceeds the features of GarageBand. My students think it’s a great app and I love teaching with it.”

– Ray, Music Teacher, HISD

Stagelight is an amazing music app. I can now customize and deliver my lesson plans directly to my students without ever having to leave the app.”

– Anna, Music Teacher, LTISD

“Students are really enjoying Stagelight. We use it for our video game sound course, it provides a friendly platform to teach the concepts of MIDI and writing music.”

– Greg, Music Teacher, CNA

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