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Give it up for Panya and listen to “Bolshevik Broadcast” right here!

Panya Panov is a producer and beatmaker based out of Sydney, Australia. In line with his favorite hip hop producers Dree the Drummer and DJ Paul, Panya is setting out to carve his own unique sound coined as “the sound of black Russia”. He caught our eye on his instagram, where he posts tons of snippets making these beats with Stagelight. His beatmaking is fire and we think you all need to listen up as well. Tune into his featured song “Bolshevik Broadcast” and be sure to follow him for more new beats to come!



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What’s up everyone! Travis is back with another one and this time it’s for all you Stagelight beatmakers! These are 8 beatmaking hacks that I use frequently when I’m making music and needing to spice things up on the fly. Most of these hacks can be done on the free version too!

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