5 Tips to INSTANTLY Up Your Stagelight Music

by | May 16, 2018 | Open Labs, Stagelight, Tips and Tricks

Are you in need of some solid tips to take your Stagelight songs to the next level? Well, Open Labs has you covered in this month’s brand new video by me! My name is Travis and I have been here at Open Labs for over 5 years managing contests and creating all the digital media that you’ve seen for Stagelight. I am a big fan of music, film-making and tutorials so I thought I’d combine it all and create something new for the Open Labs YouTube audience. We hope you dig these tips. Be sure to let us know in the video’s comments what you’d like to see covered next!

Number 1: Dynamic Drums

No more weak drums. The beat is a HUGE part of most songs. Its gotta pump up the overall feeling of the music. Add fills and change up the beat slightly on each section. Try adding some velocity peaks to the hits too. Take a few extra seconds to jump into the drum graphs to add pitch to the Hi-Hats or push/pull to give a more human element the drums. Beats sound better when they are exciting right? A compressor will do the trick! Pull the threshold down and add a little gain. 

Number 2. Bass Presence

Use your headphones and listen to the low end. Is your bass lacking that real presence? Try duplicating that bass track and sending one to a compressor/limiter and the other to a drive effect then set that to a subtle distortion. This drive will add a much needed presence to Stagelight’s bass presets. Use your ears to fine tune the amount of drive. Add that extra Umph!

Number 3: Stereo Sounds

Stereo panning can help create a nice space for each instrument. Imagine your song is on the big stage in front of you. Bass and vocals are in the center. Drums should have a wider mix. Slightly pan some of the drum elements to each side. Got guitars or synths? Take your double tracked Guitars or Synths and pan one hard left & the other hard right. Think narrow verses and wider choruses. Don’t overdue it. You don’t want to confuse your listener. Less is more!

Number 4: Lead Melody

Your track needs a leading role. Maybe you’re not a singer. Try composing a mono lead melody that feels like the main character in your song’s story. Use ElectroSynth or ElectroPulse. Use the piano or keylock. Maybe you’ll want to use a sample. Import your own or choose one of the loops that come with Stagelight. It’s all right there.

Number 5: Automation

Mixing up the volumes and effects parameters is key to becoming a pro. Adding automation can lift your tracks to new heights and create excitement to certain parts of your song. Try applying automation to the Hi Cut or Low Cut filter. Intersect the automation to align with the big drop. Make your songs fun and creative with automation!

All these tips are basic but they will help elevate your Stagelight tracks.

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