Stagelight Halloween Soundtrack Thrillers

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Open Labs, Stagelight

Halloween-Soundtrack-ThrillersLooking for some goose-bump-inducing music for your Scary film? Looking to scare some trick-or-treaters? Discover your fears with some new spine-tingling music from people’s deepest fears with Stagelight’s soundtrack Horror loops. Check them all out…if you dare.



Clown Hunt (Horror)

It’s coming. The scariest clown of all. What better way to celebrate than with a creepy new theme song? Explore the people’s fears with the Clown Hunt expansion pack. This pack of 81 audio loops of tension-building synths, pianos, textures, FX and aggressive drums is perfect for horror scores, soundtracks and scary nights. Watch the video HERE. 

Brooders (Horror)

Fall into a world of dark, twisted and frantic audio loops with the Brooders Loop Pack for Stagelight.

Bled Dry (Horror)

Watch out behind you. With the Bled Dry expansion pack, you never know what might be lurking behind that door. This pack contains 35 audio loops of unnerving sounds of piano, bass, and harp for your next score.

Smiling Psychopath (Horror)

Build up the suspense as the killer makes his way towards his next victim. Get the blood pumping during tense chase sequences, and really drive the horror home with 40 loops of sinister guitars, ominous pads, and skin crawling melodies that will add a dark and foreboding mood to your music.  Listen at your own risk!

The Follower (Horror)

There’s an eerie stalker on the street, and the only sound is a steady rainfall. Our hero trails a lead in order to solve a long-running mystery. The tension is rising, and the audience doesn’t have a clue what’s going to happen next. The perfect blend of suspense and thriller, the Follower loop pack will inject your musical score with some much needed tension, as rising strings and stabs punctuate the lesson. Create your own horror inspired soundtrack with 35 bone chilling audio loops.

Thin Ice (Suspense)

Make tensions rise with the Thin Ice audio loops expansion pack. The audience is on the edge of their seat – when will the ice break? This pack contains 276 audio loops of dramatic and thrilling loops inspired by horror scores for films and gaming.



Halloween is still two weeks away but for us the whole month of October is Halloween. To celebrate the spookiest month of the year, we’ve taken 30% off the entire Stagelight in-app store. Plus, take an additional 20% off when you use coupon code SPOOKY. That means you can save a total of 50% on any October purchases from now until after Halloween.