Stagelight AutoRap Competition II Winners

by | May 10, 2017 | Music (general), Open Labs, Open Labs Artists, Open Labs Events, Stagelight

The Stagelight AutoRap Competition II has come to an end. Tons of epic hip hop song submissions poured in over the last two months from producers across the globe. Each beat maker competed in a winner-takes-all battle for a chance to to be featured in Smule’s Autorap! Over the last few weeks we drilled into every single track and searched for the best hip hop-inspired instrumentals. Deciding on the top five wasn’t easy, but thanks to some help from our partners at Smule, we’ve finally come up with our competition results. The winners are…


Grand Prize Winner:

3ny6matic J0ka – Get Down



3ny6matic J0kaCur S Von, aka 3ny6matic J0ka, is a contemporary music composer and beat maker from Miramar, Florida. A music fanatic and talented piano player, J0ka’s music is influenced by soul, hip hop and video game music. Striving to become greater with each song, J0ka is constantly pushing out new music; his winning song “Get Down” just might be his best work to date. This jazzy, uptempo track captures the vibe of old school funk with a hint of hip hop, and is just begging to be sampled. J0ka mixes a dope beat, flutes, horns and other elements to create a bouncy club record that nobody can resist. This track wastes no time and true to its title, gets right down to business. Be sure to explore his full catalogue of instrumentals featured on his Awesome job Cur!

As part of the Grand Prize, 3ny6matic J0ka will be featured in one of Smule’s coolest apps: AutoRap. He will additionally receive a 1-year Smule subscription to Sing! Karaoke, Magic Piano, and AutoRap. To round things out, Dev will also get the full Stagelight producer package. That’s right – we’re talking about Stagelight Ultimate, which includes all features, sounds and loops! Once again, congrats on the huge win J0ka. We’re looking forward to “AutoRapping” on your track very soon!


Runner Ups:


Ifa Emuh – Study


Mr Makes Beatz – Bounce


Tyrone SupaDupa Hopson – Leave


Overlymedicated – Boomer Instrumental


Congrats to everyone in the Top-Five! Each of these contestants will be hooked up with Open Labs’ Stagelight Ultimate and a 1-year subscription to Smule’s AutoRap. Nice work guys!

Open Labs would like to thank the artists who participated in the competition, Smule for providing such amazing exposure for the winners, and the fans for voting on each submission. This contest couldn’t have happened without you. We are truly overwhelmed by the number of great submissions and amazing support we received. Thank you all!

Please stay tuned for the upcoming feature of 3ny6matic J0ka’s “Get Down” coming to Smule’s AutoRap. Continue to follow us right here at as more Stagelight contests, events and social engagements come your way soon!