Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II Month 12 Winners

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Month 12: Wild Card is a wrap. Songs of every style poured in from new and rising artists from around the world. From Latin songs to electronic pop, there was an insane amount of variety and talent to choose from. After 12 months and thousands of song submissions, it all came down to one final Wild Card round. Thanks to all the participants that came out to cast their votes month after month. Let’s get into the final Wild Card round contest winners.


First Place Winner: Lauren Dair

 listen Song: Monster


Lauren Dair is a young singer/songwriter, born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, she began writing songs and recording her own music. Her winning song, “Monster”, brings an exhilarating blend of amazing vocal performance and a rising synth pop beat. Lauren’s songwriting is centered around catchy hooks and introspective lyrical melodies. “Monster” is a story about the toxicity that can appear in our relationships. The song’s triple note feel over a twelve-eight time signature and use of minor keys proves she is more than just another pop artist. Lauren Dair brings epic, heartbreaking lyrics to her dynamic electronic tracks in style. Stream her new EP “Perfectly Flawed” via Spotify, SoundCloud or Apple Music.

For first place, Lauren will receive this powerful musical creation machine—the Lenovo Ideacentre Y900 series computer with the ThinkVision Pro2840m 28-inch 4K LCD Monitor, powered by Intel.This rig comes with a Blue Microphones Yeti Pro and a Blue Headphones Mofi. Aside from this gear, she’ll also be receiving a Linkin Park Underground 15 Super Bundle with archived merchandise.

Congratulations Lauren – keep up the hard work! Good luck in the upcoming battle for the grand prize: a day in the studio with Linkin Park!


 Second Place Winner: King Dylan

listen Song: Untouchable


Second place goes to King Dylan from Alberta, Canada. Part rapper, producer and singer, Dylan is also a founding member of Canadian hip-hop crew The D.C. Show. King Dylan is killing it lately with his brand new album Die Tomorrow, which is all set for a April 21st, 2017 release. His lead pop song “Untouchable” soars with clever rap punches and catchy vocal melodies. Dylan’s style is uplifting and unique; the icing on the cake was discovering his unbelievable stop-motion lego music video. King Dylan animated and directed the video of “Untouchable” with over 4000 photos that were taken over the course of 450+ hours. Watch the video HERE.

As part of the second place prize package, King Dylan will receive the Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 300 23-inch All-In-One Computer and a Linkin Park Underground 15 Membership Bundle. Congratulations Dylan! We hope you sell out those shows.


Remainder of the Top-Ten:


#3 Vivi Guerrero – Bienvenido al Sur


#4 Chris Kelly and Nicole Gibson – Out Of The Dark


#5 Anthem Child – Motion Of Secrets


#6 D3STΛB1LIZED – 90 to GO


#7 This Mankind – How Happy We Were


#8 AmarelleBand – Rager


#9 Produkt – Feathers


#10 JSN – The Shop


The Monthly Music Contest II cycle is complete. After a year, the monthly contests have come to an end. We can’t thank everyone enough who submitted songs and participated this year. We have just one more phase left in the competition. All the first place monthly winners will be competing for the grand prize— a studio session with Linkin Park. Stay tuned at

Good Luck finalists!