Open Labs is proud to announce the release of Stagelight EDU – a music education software designed specifically for the classroom. Stagelight EDU provides an all-in-one learning experience for Stagelight users, music educators, and any student who has an interest in learning how to begin producing their own music.

If the thought of learning the technical aspects of musical production has deterred you in the past, Stagelight EDU is a fun and affordable way to finally begin your musical journey. Developed, tested, and promoted throughout various pilot programs and educational institutions, Stagelight EDU allows students and teachers to foster their own creativity, along with their production and technical skills, in today’s fast-paced digital learning environment. At your own pace, you’ll be able to learn the basics of music production, composition, arrangement, loops, MIDI, theory, and much more.

With partners such the Texas Cultural Trust, the University of Texas, Lenovo, and Intel, Open Labs has been able to develop an incredibly accessible and multi-faceted program. It includes customizable lesson plans, a state-approved curriculum, and in-app and online tutorials. Teachers can use exercises found in each section to create assignments for students, or they can create their own with Stagelight’s Curriculum Creator. These can be easily distributed digitally, via SongTransfer, to student devices in the classroom.

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