Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II Month 5 Winners

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Open Labs, Open Labs Artists, Open Labs Events, Stagelight


Month 5: Rock is over. Welcome to Cycle 02 of the Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II. This month’s competition rocked, hard. We had a great mix of talent. From true country rock to darker than dark metal. We heard it all. Thanks to all the voters who chimed in and rallied for your favorites. We’re grateful that every single one of you participates. Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II is on an unstoppable upward trajectory. Month 5 was our biggest month to date! Here are the winners-


First Place Winner: That Noise

Song: World on Fire

that-noise-month-5-winnersThat Noise hails from Los Angeles, CA. Self-proclaimed veterans from the So Cal underground house party and Downtown Los Angeles art scenes, the band is comprised of lead vocalist, Jawnee, guitarist, Jay, and drummer Kenny. That Noise brings an exhilarating blend of familiar structure with unexpected breaks. We’re digging everything about this track. World on Fire is our August rock anthem. Thanks guys! If, like us, you’re hooked, make sure to check out the video to World on Fire. That Noise oozes creativity from every angle. Who knew fisheye could be this fresh? We didn’t. But, we do know one thing: World on Fire is fire 😉

As part of the first place prize package, That Noise will receive this powerful creation machine—the Lenovo Ideacentre Y900 series computer with the ThinkVision Pro2840m 28-inch 4K LCD Monitor, powered by Intel. Also, a Blue Microphones Yeti Pro, and a Blue Headphones Mofi. Aside from technology, That Noise will also get a Linkin Park Underground 15 Super Bundle with archived merchandise.

Congratulations That Noise, keep the collaboration going and best of luck in the upcoming battle for the grand prize- A day in the studio with Linkin Park!


Second Place Winner: Sin City Escape

Song: Ghost Inside

Second place is awarded to the inimitable Ghost Inside. Meet Sin City Escape, a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota with a mission: to breathe new life into a world muddied by generalities and jaded artistry. Wow, guys, that’s a lot to take on. But, you’re onto something. Sin City Escape has a voice. Ghost Inside is best described as a melange of raging, riveting vocals inter-spliced with good ol’ rockin’ guitar and hard percussion. This headbanging composition keeps it real. Don’t miss out on upcoming events and releases from Sin City Escape. Check out their website and if you feel the mission, jump on board! 

As part of the second place prize package, Sin City Escape will receive Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 300 23-inch All-In-One Computer and a Linkin Park Underground 15 Membership Bundle.

Congratulations Sin City Escape, keep it up, and keep it alive!


Remainder of the Top-Ten:

#3 Elephant Gun Riot: Driven


#4 Jarrett Hoyt: Roses


#5 Nightlife: Bloodstream


#6 The Fading Horizon: Liminal Space


#7 We Are The Catalyst: Delusion


#8 We Are Doom: G.D.S


#9 Project Theory: Something Between Us


#10 Amarelle: Compelled


Stay tuned for the next announcement. Month 06 is underway! The Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II is going strong this month, and its Electronic Month. Don’t miss out on our weekly sweepstakes prizes. Go to and vote for your favorite Electronic song this month. Better yet, ENTER the contest. If you have an original composition, enter now! Your name could be on the upcoming winner announcement.