Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II Month 4 Winners

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Open Labs, Open Labs Artists, Open Labs Events, Stagelight


The conclusion of Month 4: Wildcard marks the end of Cycle 01 of the Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II. True to its form, Wildcard Month delivered a rich variety of submissions. From emotional ballads to line dances, we had a great time listening to each submissions. After a long week of deliberation and internally comparing top ten lists, we have our winners! Thank you to everyone who made this wildcard month the most interesting month to date. Thanks to all the voters who helped us identify some cool tracks. Once again, every single one of you made this our biggest month to date and we couldn’t be more excited for Cycle 02.  Here are the winners-


First Place Winner: The Broken Thumbs

Song: Oxygen

The-Broken-ThumbsThe Broken Thumbs is an Electronic Hard Rock trio based out of Spokane, Washington. Their unique sound is a direct outcome of the diversity in the band-vocalist ­ David Arnold, Drummer ­ Ryan Stocks and DJ Daethstar. Oxygen got our attention for its genre-bending sound. The finished product pulls from a variety of influences yet accomplishes a sound of its own. Check out the video to Oxygen for the full Broken Thumbs experience. We hope you find our Wildcard first place winners just as exhilarating as we did!

As part of the first place prize package, The Broken Thumbs will receive this powerful creation machine—the Lenovo Ideacentre Y900 series computer with the ThinkVision Pro2840m 28-inch 4K LCD Monitor, powered by Intel. Also, a Blue Microphones Yeti Pro, and a Blue Headphones Mofi. Aside from technology, Broken Thumbs will also get a Linkin Park Underground 15 Super Bundle with archived merchandise.

Congratulations Broken Thumbs, keep the collaboration going and best of luck in the upcoming battle for the grand prize- A day in the studio with Linkin Park!


Second Place Winner: Chrxstal

Song: Siren

ChrxstalThis month’s second place winner, Christal Mims, hails from the west coast. Having grown up in Los Angeles, Christal encapsulates a unique vision that can only come from constant exposure to an evolving, creative, cultural epicenter. Her winning submission, Siren, has everyone of us in a trance. Siren is a ghostly track that seeps into your skin. You’ll find yourself lost in Siren’s vast landscape only to be found by Christal’s ethereal voice. We’re very proud to count Christal as part of the Stagelight family. Siren was pieced together from content exclusive to Stagelight. You won’t find those sounds anywhere else! We couldn’t be more proud of our fellow Stagelighter and as such, felt that she, along with Siren, deserved a spot in the top two. Keep it up Christal! We love Limbo and think you have a shot at a first place crown in the near future.  

As part of the second place prize package, Christal will receive Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 300 23-inch All-In-One Computer and a Linkin Park Underground 15 Membership Bundle. Congratulations Christal, keep it up, we’re rooting for you!


Remainder of the Top-Ten:

#3 Alice Sonia-Michael: Seconds of Silence


#4 PhantomPhoenix: Enter the Flux


#5 Professor Saibertin: In the Middle of Nowhere


#6 Ethan Stark: M.I.L.D


#7 Dee Jones: How Can You Love Me


#8 Blaze Audio: Wendingo


#9 Vincent Davis: Shake It


#10 Div Zealous: Let’s Fly Away


Stay tuned for the next announcement. Cycle 02 is underway! The Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II is going strong this month, and its Rock all over again. Don’t miss out on our weekly sweepstakes prizes. Go to and vote for your favorite Rock song this month. Better yet, ENTER the contest. If you have an original composition, enter now! Your name could be on the upcoming winner announcement.