Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II Month 3 Winners

by | Jul 13, 2016 | Open Labs, Open Labs Artists, Open Labs Events, Stagelight

Month three has come to a triumphant conclusion. The inaugural hip hop month of the Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II brought down the house and proved to be a most difficult month to judge. From raw talent to refined flows, our top ten is our strongest lineup yet. Every artist is so different we’re confident you’ll find a new musician to follow and add to your playlists. Thank you to everyone who participated, shared music, and voted. Every single one of you made this our biggest month to date.  Here are the winners-


First Place Winner: Nick Ray & LOC
Song: November

Nick-Ray-and-LOCNick Ray & LOC are a dynamic duo from New Orleans, LA. Nick Ray brings bluesy NOLA inspired vocals to the fierce verses spit out by LOC. Together, Nick Ray and LOC, exemplify balance and harmony. There’s a natural ease to their back and forth. Without a doubt, Nick Ray is the eye to LOC’s lyric hurricane. With an entire album already recorded, this duo has a ‘sound’ figured out, and it works. This is no surprise. We’re big fans of our gulf neighbor to the east-New Orleans. Nick Ray and Loc are not an unlikely duo. Instead, they’re exactly what you’d expect from a culturally rich place with a stake in music progress.

As part of the first place prize package, Nick Ray and LOC will receive this powerful creation machine—the Lenovo Ideacentre Y900 series computer with the ThinkVision Pro2840m 28-inch 4K LCD Monitor, powered by Intel. Also, a Blue Microphones Yeti Pro, and a Blue Headphones Mofi. Aside from technology, Nick Ray and Loc will also get a Linkin Park Underground 15 Super Bundle with archived merchandise.

Congratulations Nick Ray and LOC, keep the collaboration going and best of luck in the upcoming battle for the grand prize- A day in the studio with Linkin Park!


Second Place Winner: Pawzilla
Song: Supervillain

PawzillaThis month’s second place winner is none other than Pawzilla. Supervillain can only be described as hypnotic. This is the type of song you catch yourself humming long after its done playing. The moody background sample is entrancing. The lyrics are both fun and dangerous. Pawzilla is young, full of energy, and exactly the type of artists this contest strives to reward. Supervillian is our new anthem. If you also fall in love with Pawzilla, make sure to watch the corresponding video to Supervillain. Warning- you’ll be hooked. Within seconds you’ll notice that Supervillain packs a lot of creativity into four minutes. And, for an artist with a few songs under his belt, Pawzilla kills it. For the record, Pawzilla, we don’t believe you’re a shy guy who can’t get a girl. Maybe this sentiment rings true in Supervillain’s vibrant fantasy world- but definitely not in this world.

As part of the second place prize package, Pawzilla will receive Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 300 23-inch All-In-One Computer and a Linkin Park Underground 15 Membership Bundle.

Congratulations Pawzilla, keep it up, we’re rooting for you!


Remainder of the Top-Ten

#3 Danny Robin: Drops of Ink


#4 Tevin Spoke Gamble: Let’s Make a Song


#5 Blaze Audio: Inferno


#6 Jeremy The Saint Redler: Fallen


#7 EmptyMusic Riley: 21 Grams


#8 Donterell Duff Mcduffie: My Brother’s Keeper


#9 JulienG Music: Constrict


#10 Alcendor: Resistance


Stay tuned for the next announcement. The Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II is going strong this month. Don’t miss out on our weekly sweepstakes prizes. Go to and vote for your favorite ‘wild card’ song this month. Better yet, ENTER the contest. If you have an original composition, enter now! Your name could be on the upcoming winner announcement.