2015: A Music-Making Year in Review

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Music (general), Open Labs Artists, Open Labs Events, Stagelight, Tips and Tricks

With the advent of a new year comes a time for reflection. 2015 has been a year of accelerated growth for Open Labs and we’re excited to keep the momentum going. We wanted to spotlight, recognize, and share all the changes that made 2015 such an exciting year.  Here’s to an even better 2016!


Developing Stagelight

2015 saw the most exciting change to date for Stagelight—the 2.3 release with a freemium option. However, the road to 2.3 was paved by two important updates, the Stagelight 2.1 and the Stagelight Android release. Along with enhanced loop builder and drum track, Stagelight 2.1 came with the ability to share your tracks directly on social media. Social sharing is at the heart of our mission to ‘Free the Music in You’ and we couldn’t be happier with the results.  After the Stagelight 2.1 update came Stagelight’s highly anticipated Android release. After many late nights and hours of dedication, the Stagelight development team released Stagelight for Android. The Stagelight build for Android, similar to our existing Windows version, includes features such as: built-in instruments, loop builder, timeline mode, etc. Having Stagelight available for Android introduced a larger and broader audience to music creation. Just like Stagelight 2.1 was aligned with our mission to ‘Free the Music in You,’ Stagelight for Android proved that Open Labs is dedicated to its mantra—The Easy Way to Create Music.


Stagelight 2.3

Although Stagelight 2.1 and Stagelight for Android were both ambitious releases, we didn’t stop there. Stagelight 2.3 launched in Mid-November and with it came the biggest announcement to date—Stagelight is now available on android mobile devices such as phones, phablets and tablets with and unbelievable introductory price of FREE.

The FREE version of Stagelight is something that is near and dear to our hearts and is something we have been working on for quite some time. With a growing user-base and active artist community we felt that offering a FREE version of Stagelight was the next logical step to encourage music-listeners to become music-creators. If you haven’t already, download Stagelight 2.3 for FREE.

Having Stagelight 2.3 available on Android mobile devices was an equal factor in its overwhelming success. Since its release, Stagelight 2.3 has seen a surge of downloads, and we’re very excited about our new users in diverse international markets. This new set of music creators has inspired our team and we’re working hard on new content that caters to each and every one of you.


Artist Bundles & Community

2015 was a busy year regarding development and updates, but that wasn’t enough. Our team cannot rest without knowing we’ve provided top-notch content to keep our users inspired and motivated. This year we released unique artist bundles, ran a year-long contest with our partners Linkin Park, and expanded our artist community.

Canadian singer-songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (MBF) is our latest artist contributor to our Stagelight in-app store. Our collaboration resulted in a unique music creation bundle that re-imagines the guitar as a percussion instrument.  We also released new sound packs that are sure to enrich any project.

Another exciting venture in 2015 was our year-long contest catering to Stagelight users who were ready to take center stage. We couldn’t be more proud to host a year-long music-making contest that included prestigious technology partners and an exclusive grand prize with Linkin Park. A very special thanks goes out to our contest partners and sponsors: Linkin Park, Guitar Center, JBL, Fishman, Arturia, Blue Microphones, Focusrite, Big Fish Audio, IK Multimedia, DELL, Audio Technica, MVP Loops, and UVI Sounds and Software. Look for similar endeavors in the coming year and make sure to join our growing community of artists. Not convinced? Watch the following video and see how an upcoming local artist is able to lay down a track with ease using Stagelight.

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Creative Endeavors

Although Open Labs is a software company at first glance, we’re all artists at heart. While we dedicate most our time and resources to bringing you The Easy Way to Create Music  we also find the time to collaborate with local artist on creative projects. The fruit of our creative labor is best represented in our weekly show ‘Freestyle Fridays.’ Friday’s in 2015 saw the release of a new episode featuring local hip-hop and world-class freestyler, Zeale. During each Freestyle Friday, Zeale would freestyle in Orb Studios, using Stagelight to compose his beat and your live suggestions via social media, Periscope, for lyrics. This project was made possible through the cooperation of Orb Studios, Stagelight, Zeale, and YOU, our most valued collaborator. If you missed Freestyle Fridays, watch our special Halloween episode below, and be sure to watch all episodes and subscribe to the Open Labs YouTube channel.

In closing, we can’t thank you enough for being part of our journey in 2015. We hope that we’ve made it possible for you to ‘Free the Music in You’ and we promise to keep our commitment to bring you the Easiest Way to Create Music alive in 2016. Stay tuned!