Creating Ringtones with Stagelight

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Music (general), Stagelight, Tips and Tricks

Making a Ringtone in Stagelight

Stagelight-Ringtone-300x300Stagelight a great tool for creating original music and remixes. Once you have finished your masterpiece, there are many ways that you can share it with the world and create your own personal soundtrack.

One great way to use your Stagelight creations is to make custom ringtones and notifications for your Android phone or tablet.

Step 1: Creating your Ringtone

The first step to do this will be to select the song that you want to use. In most cases, you will not want to use the entire song. If you are using a song that you made in Stagelight, just set the loop region to the part of the song that you want to use for your ringtone and then open the mixdown track menu. In the mixdown menu, select “loop region” to make sure that Stagelight only mixes down the part that you have selected.

If you would like to use a song that you have created or found some place else, you can add an audio track to a blank project and use a loop region to select the part that you would like to use for your ringtone.

Step 2: Getting your Ringtone in the right place

Once you have mixed down the song part that you will be using as your ringtone the next step will be to make sure that it is in the correct location on your Android device.

If you are using Stagelight on a PC, you will need to connect your Android device to your PC and move the file to the device’s notifications folder. Stagelight will store all the songs that you mixdown in this location: C:UsersPublicDocumentsOpen Labs LibraryMixdowns.

The default location for ringtones on your Android device will be Internal storagemediaaudionotifications. You can either drag and drop or copy and paste your ringtone into this location.

If you are using Stagelight on your Android device, you can just move your song over to the Android ringtone location.

Android does not have a default file browser. Many devices will include Polaris office, which has a built in file browser. If your device does come with this pre-installed, there are many free file browser apps available in the play store. We recommend ES File Explorer.

In any of the file explorer apps that choose, the process will be virtually the same. First, navigate to Stagelight’s mixdown folder, which will be in Open Labs LibraryMixdown and copy the song. Then  paste it into mediaaudionotifications.

Step 3: Setting your Ringtone

Once you have moved your song into the correct location, you will be able to set it as your default ringtone, an alarm sound, or even the ringtone for a specific contact.

To set the ringtone to your default notification sound, open the settings on your Android device and choose sounds and notifications. In this menu, choose “default notification ringtone” and you will see a list of all your available ringtones. This same list will be available when setting a contact’s ringtone and choosing a sound for your alarm tones.

These should be all the steps you need to use Stagelight to make your own ringtones!

If you have any questions about this or anything else in Stagelight, please open a support ticket HERE