Open Labs Releases Stagelight 2.1 Update

by | Apr 13, 2015 | Stagelight

Stagelight-2-1--300x300Today Open Labs announced Stagelight 2.1, a powerful new update packed full of new features, social connections, audio effects and much, much more. Stagelight 2.1 is a FREE update for all registered owners and is available for immediate download.

“We believe music is in everyone.” said Cliff Mountain, President and CEO of Open Labs. “Stagelight 2.1 puts us one step closer to our goal of democratizing music creation so that anyone can make music regardless of their background or proficiency. Our goal is and has always been to inspire, educate and elevate musicians across the world.”

Stagelight 2.1 delivers an enhanced LoopBuilder engine that makes it fast and easy to build, arrange, mix and share your songs all from one place. Simply import your favorite sounds, samples or loops and watch how fun it is to transform and record your sequence into a song. It’s that easy. Play with different styles of music, learn new genres, record your own loops and share your songs with the world.

Stagelight 2.1 provides social sharing by connecting you directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr and email via SoundCloud. You can also upload your music instantly to the Stagelight Radio with one-touch sharing and enjoy the benefits of Stagelight’s worldwide music community.

Stagelight’s improved DrumTrack has an updated look and feel and a powerful new modern feature called AutoFill. Simply swipe on any drum cell and watch Stagelight ‘auto-fill’ the rest of your drum pattern in time, every time. Add triplets, change drum kits and mix up your patterns all with one-touch editing. Go deeper with the expanded drum editor or easily add a custom sound to your drum kit to better define your beats.

Customize your sounds with Stagelight’s all-new effects including Glitch6, AutoWah, AutoFilter and Gater. All of these features and more are available to you at unbelievably low prices in the in-app store. Preview and audition thousands of sounds, loops and artist bundles, including exclusive content from our partners Linkin Park and Timbaland.

All of these enhancements come with a smaller footprint, faster load time and added performance making Stagelight the most desirable music creation app available for mobile and desktop PCs. Today, Stagelight is available for PCs and tablets that have Windows 7 or Windows 8, a minimum of 2 GB of RAM and at least an i3 processor or equivalent. Stagelight 2.1 is available in English, Spanish and simplified Chinese.

You can download a FREE trial of Stagelight 2.1 HERE