Stagelight Tips and Tricks | March Edition

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Stagelight, Tips and Tricks

Welcome to another edition of Stagelight Tips and Tricks. My name is Travis Gallagher and I work at Open Labs as a member of the Digital Media and Marketing team. Today I am giving you all some quick tips that you can use in Stagelight 2.0. These are all taken from questions and comments that our community artists have asked in the last few weeks.
The Stagelight Community started out as a very simple channel for our artists to access contests, giveaways and newsletters.  I’m so impressed with how much you all engage with us on all our social networks daily. Your community reviews, comments, messages and questions go a long way. Stagelight 2.0 has been out now for just over 8 months and we can’t express how thankful we are for everyone’s great praise. 2015 looks to be another stellar year for us and expect some exciting new updates, platforms and features to come your way.

one touch saveTip 1 – Save Song: Next to the transport controls and time clock you can find an easy one touch save song button. Once you have saved and named your song, you can easily just click that title at any point in your progress to save. 

Stagelight’s save feature is a quick step to help you out before it’s too late… Working on PC’s you can never be too prepared for a crash.  Save, Save and SAVE again! One message from Stagelight Artist Tristen suggested we should add a backup save feature that will automatically save as you go. Great idea but until then I hope this trick will help you all out!

automation in stagelight appTip 2 – Automation: Toggle to Timeline view and easily add automation to any track by clicking the automation symbol that is to the right of the Solo Button.

Stagelight’s automation feature is any easy way to add gain, pan and even more general controls to enhance your song’s dynamics. Think of it like a fader that you can program to follow your every point. Automation essentially allows the software to remember the musician’s adjustment to these tracks during the editing process.  Hope that helps you all out. Thanks to Scott from Facebook for asking if Stagelight had automation. Great question and I think you’ll be very pleased to know that Stagelight does indeed support your awesome automation so please automate away!

pitch preseverTip 3 – Audio Tools:  Select an audio track then double click to bring up the audio editor. Next open the tools with the green toggle button. Now you can edit gain, stretch and even preserve pitch to fully control your selected audio.

Stagelight often hides many advanced features and tools because we never want to over complicate the music creation process. Audio tools will let you time stretch your audio to the song’s BPM, transpose the selection over cents or octaves and even adjust your audio’s overall gain. Thank you Abhay for asking if Stagelight had more tools for DJ or beat box style artists. I hope these audio tools can expand your creative ideas! Check out the video below for a few more tips and an overall quick start guide to the Stagelight interface.


Stagelight Tips and Tricks – Getting Started in Stagelight Part 2

Thank you for checking out this week’s blog. Beginners and pros can now take their ideas, melodies and performances to new heights with our music app Stagelight. Mix the way you want… When you want to! I can’t wait to see our community grow and I definitely look forward to the many new Stagelight questions to come. Please, feel free to ask us any more questions on our Support channel or drop us line on Facebook.

Live long and prosper!