Open Labs’ New Video Lets Viewers “Imagine” What They Can Create With Stagelight

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Stagelight

The latest video from Open Labs takes a different approach than before. “Imagine,” which can be viewed above, is a dramatization of what can happen when a creative mind gets Stagelight, the Easy Way to Create Music, under his/her fingers. The video begins with a young male (Erick Yanez, more on him in a bit) entering an empty dance studio. He sits down on the floor and pulls out his Dell tablet. Soon enough the familiar Stagelight DAW interface is visible. Erick taps in the beginning of a melody and a beat, and things start to get exciting. There are suddenly flashes of new figures; dancers appearing out of thin air, already in mid-performance. The major hook of the song hits and viewers are transported to a totally different view of the dance studio. Erick has joined the other dancers and, where he was once composing, is now performing his completed song. There are solo moments for each of the five dancers, with Erick leading the ensemble throughout the production. Then the video flashes back to reality and Erick is once again working at Stagelight on the floor of the studio. His musical creation has come to life in front of viewers’ eyes.

Clearly the video is highly metaphorical. “Imagine” is a depiction of how the musical dreams and ambitions of any artist – young or old – can be made real by using Stagelight. Erick’s song – with it’s icy melody lines and aggressive rhythms – provides the perfect base for the “imagined” dance troupe. It’s easy to imagine Erick and his team performing this dance and winning accolades from an appreciative audience. And it all came from working on a handheld tablet armed with Stagelight’s easy, intuitive music creation process. ¬†With Stagelight, anyone of any skill level can put the music in their head out into the world.

Erick Yanez is an actor, model, dancer and choreographer based in Austin, Texas. Check out his his Facebook page, he is represented by Zephyr Talent. His skill was instrumental in making “Imagine” work. He choreographed the dance performance and led the dancers during the process. Erick and his dance team – Cody, Brooke, Michelle and Jonas – worked fabulously together and brought director Travis Gallagher’s vision to the screen. Open Labs would like to thank Mr. Yanez and his team for giving Open Labs an unprecedented and successful new video that brings Stagelight to the masses in a markedly new way.

Check out Erick in another¬†choreographed dance performance “Tear Da Roof Off” below: