Stagelight Tips and Tricks – Getting Started – Part 1

by | Oct 3, 2014 | Open Labs, Stagelight, Tips and Tricks


Welcome to Stagelight Tips and Tricks. In this post, Stagelight musicians will learn how to get started using the Easy Way to Create Music.

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stagelight-tips-and-tricks-home-screenWhen Stagelight is first opened on the musician’s desktop, laptop or tablet, the HOME screen will present a few simple options. They are a.) Lessons, where Stagelight artists can learn about the app’s various features and how to use those features to make music, b.) the In-App Store, where users can download new sounds to Stagelight. The sounds are either free or can be picked up at an affordable price, c.) Play, which is for Stagelight musicians who want to start a brand-new song, work off an existing song template or open a project they’ve already begun work on.

The In-App Store can be accessed as long as the Stagelight user has verified their email address and is connected to the internet. Inside the store, musicians will find Stagelight core sounds for free. First-time Stagelight users will want to download the free core sounds immediately; this is a quality collection of loop packs, sounds and other features. Additionally, In-App Store is where exclusive bundles from Open Labs partners Timbaland and Linkin Park are located.

The tabs along the top of the window are how users navigate through the In-App Store. Clicking on the images of each sound pack or feature will give musicians a brief description of what these options contain. Sounds are added to the user shopping cart by clicking on their price. When all shopping in the store is finished, clicking the Shopping Cart will lead to the Check-Out screen.

The “My Stuff” tab will show Stagelight musicians all the items they have downloaded from the store so far.

Heading back to the home screen, users can explore Lessons. Lessons teach Stagelight artists how the music creation app works, and how music is created inside the app’s interface.

SongBuilder lessons show Stagelight musicians how to construct a song, step-by-step, in the program. The lessons are arranged according to the genre or feature the Stagelight user has chosen. Stagelight Lessons provide an in-depth exploration of Stagelight’s key elements and special features. The next option, Demo Songs, allows musicians to work with completed songs and musical sequences. As soon as the Stagelight musician has downloaded his/her sounds and moved through SongBuilder and the Demo Lessons, they should return to the home screen. By selecting the Play option, a new song can be created from scratch.

Next time, in Getting Started in Stagelight, Part 2, we will walk through the Stagelight interface and explain the app’s many simple, effective music-making tools.

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