The 2.0 – and More Open Labs News – Wrap-Up

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Open Labs, Stagelight

stagelight-featuresSo far this month, Open Labs has been pretty focused on a few major items. Stagelight 2.0 – which has been the subject of the past few blogs – continues to ramp up in the world of music software. More creatives are downloading the app and putting their compositions down. Additionally, the Stagelight Monthly Music Contest is running a parallel track of increasing awareness as more and more contestants enter their creations in for a chance to win $1,000s in gear, and a chance for a free Dell XPS computer, and the opportunity to work in the studio with Linkin Park. So let this be a wrap-up post, where we say goodbye to the week by consolidating all the new Open Labs info in one, easy-to-read place.

Turn your attention, if you will, to the new Stagelight Electro Instrument Series. This new facet of the Easy Way to Create Music journey is yet another feather in the cap for the 2.0 update. Though we have grouped the Electro Instrument Series in with the already well-known Stagelight features like Key Lock and the Native Effects in Open Labs’ public relations material so far, this instrument series requires a specific look of its own. The Electro Instrument Suite unlocks the following instruments: ElectroKeys, ElectroOrgans, ElectroBass, and ElectroGuitars. The upgrade also provides extra presets for each instrument. So the whole range of sounds have been given a power-up. The EQs have evolved, the filters are far more nuanced and focused and the Stagelight reverb continues to give that classic soundscape to creatives’ melodies.

Stagelight 2.0 also comes with SongBuilder 2, an updated version of the famous “step-by-step” learning process built into the app’s infrastructure. Stagelight 2.0 has more tools and tricks than any previous version, so it makes sense that Open Labs would put in some new architecture for our signature app tutorial process. Not only will Songbuilder 2 introduce creatives to the new features of Stagelight, it is also a great launching point for exploring new genres outside the Stagelight musician’s usual comfort zone. If the musician behind the computer/laptop/tablet is interested, Songbuilder 2 will show the building blocks for a new hip-hop/country/dubstep/rock song.

The new version of Stagelight also carries the well-known, easy, one-touch publishing to the cloud or SoundCloud, so those new sounds and techniques the creative has learned can be shared with a worldwide audience as quickly and easily as ever. Also, the 2.0 update has an improved interface that makes our beloved touchscreen interaction more intuitive, and easier, than ever. Open Labs wasn’t joking with the “Easy Way to Create Music just got easier” tagline. And, did we mention faster load times and the smaller digital footprint? Yep, Stagelight 2.0 has that too. All in all, it’s a pretty complete package.

In other Open Labs news, only a few days remain until the August 21st deadline for the third edition of the Stagelight Monthly Music Contest (or, as many have probably seen it plastered across social media, the #MonthlyMusicContest). As of this writing, there is still time to submit your Stagelight-created, original rap track for a chance to win $1,000s in music gear from top-name music industry brands. And, remember, if you win that’s not all. All 12 month winners will be entered into a race for the grand prize, which is a free Dell XPS computer and studio time with the actual Linkin Park. It’s too good an opportunity to waste, so put something into the contest if you haven’t already.

By the way, the next month’s genre is “Wild Card,” so Stagelight creatives can send over whatever type of composition they want!

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