Musicians Are Shopping in Stagelight’s New In-App Store

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Open Labs, Stagelight

in-app-storeRight now, as we sit at our computers/laptops/tablets/phones, some musician somewhere is finding the perfect loop or sound for their latest composition in the Stagelight in-app store. Another of the huge advancements Open Labs has created for the Easy Way to Create Music in the 2.0 launch, the Stagelight in-app store vastly expands the options that any Windows-based creative can work with.

The aim with the in-app store is to give the Stagelight musician the power to find all the world-class sounds and features they want or need. The idea is that the musician will then take those sounds and features and make their musical dreams into reality. The fact that the store is contained within the Stagelight app means that the creative can have the options they want, when they want them. Gone are the days of Google searches to fish out desired sound packs. The in-app store is also the simplest way to purchase the Stagelight app itself if the creative is working on the free trial demo version.

Stagelight-Sounds-additions-300x300There are a ton of loops to browse through, audition and purchase. They are all professional-quality and the collection touches on pretty much every major popular genre. Whether the artist using Stagelight is a country crooner or an EDM hero, there’s a loop (or loops) for what they need. No matter the genre, the Stagelight in-app store has the loops of best quality for the most affordable price around. Listen to the RaveHosue demo loop here.

Now, let’s talk bundles. The in-app store allows Stagelight creatives to purchase exclusive sounds, royalty-free, from Open Labs’ superstar partners Timbaland and Linkin Park. Millions of musicians around the world have been inspired by the artists, and now that inspiration can take the form of songs that contain the actual sounds on those famous Tim and LP records. These bundles include synths, drum kits, guitar textures and exclusive samples. Enough to keep all musicians’ appetites whetted. Here’s the demo from the Timbaland bundle.

And the in-app store also allows musicians to unlock the full potential of Stagelight’s built-in effects and instruments. Along with the bundles and loops mentioned in the previous paragraphs, these native features can further the aim of creativity for musicians everywhere. The in-app store, thus, offers a comprehensive package that can invigorate and empower the creative muse, no matter the favored genre or skill of the musician in front of the app. The latest Stagelight technology, feature enhancements and modules are all open for business. For a taste of what is offered, lend your ears to the Stagelight ElectroSynth preview (and mixdown) here.

The evolution in user experience presented by Stagelight’s in-app store can not be dismissed. For the first time, the Easy Way to Create Music is consolidating all possible sound offerings in one package under the Stagelight banner and inside the interface of the app. If the creative using the app never has to leave the program in order to find that perfect instrument tone or rhythmic action, the idea of “music creation made easy” is made reality in a more impactful way than ever before. Truly, Stagelight now gives the composer everything he/she needs to make that song (or album, or EP, or anything musical) shine.

Additionally, if Stagelight creatives have any questions about the capabilities of the sound packs, such as how many loops are in a pack, or what is included in (for instance) the Electro Instrument Suite, all of the necessary information is included and displayed in the store for each pack.

Stay tuned in the future for even more in-depth explorations of the bundles, loops and sound packs inside the Stagelight in-app store. This is just an introduction, and there is so much to explore inside Stagelight 2.0 that we’ll be talking about it for months to come. Until then, keep creating and growing the musical muse inside Stagelight. Now is the perfect time to make a new great song. The in-app store, obviously, can help a lot.