StageLight The Easy Way To Create Music

Priced at just $9.99, StageLight offers you a simple and intuitive approach to music creation - regardless of skill level.  


StageLight 1.3 Features 



Built-in Sounds & effects

StageLight includes hundreds of sounds and over a dozen studio effects, giving you everything you need to create your music. Choose from over 20 drum kits and build your own using StageLight's 500+ included drum sounds. StageLight can also run your favorite VSTs instruments and third party effects.




Multi-Touch Ready

Our touch screen-enabled features in StageLight give you a "hands on" experience with music like never before. StageLight includes onscreen drum pads and keyboards that allow music creation on your touch device.




Are You A Beginner? 

StageLight was designed to jump right into music creation with our SongBuilder lessons. Built-in, onscreen infographics will guide you, step-by-step, through the creation process. With SongBuilder's genre-specific lessons, everything necessary for creating your favorite sounds is at your fingertips!




Advance Into Our Demo Lessons

StageLight guides the way with straightforward and informative lessons. See for yourself how projects are made. Move through in-depth guides to StageLight's advanced features.




Already A PRO?

Start a fresh project and build from scratch. StageLight is equally effective if you're a seasoned musician. Take our tools and sounds for a spin and create your latest masterpiece. It's all there, waiting for your creativity!




 Minimum System Requirements