Wave Goodbye to 2013 with Open Labs

by | Dec 19, 2013 | Open Labs

20132013 came fast and furious with major breakthroughs in every major technological and entertainment sector. Open Labs was no exception – our growth this year was impressive and exhilarating. For one thing, although the official launch of StageLight was late 2012, the Easy Way to Create Music really came into its own this year. We spent the last 12 months improving the music creation app and introducing more tools and effects that could be utilized by Open Labs’ international creative customer base. We introduced new versions of StageLight, too – version 1.1 earlier in the year and more recently, version 1.2. KeyLock, the innovation that allows users to stay in the correct key when using the keyboard, our new in-app store and a new bevy of effects are some of our favorite StageLight highlights. We know the many StageLight users out there enjoy them, as well.

In-app creations weren’t the only exciting bits of news from Open Labs this year. We rebuilt our website into a more user-friendly, dynamic web portal. We also expanded our artist relations with the creation of an Artist Community that has continued to grow. We are tracking the work of a wide range of geographically and genre-separated artists, which makes each day at Open Labs a bit more anticipatory. What new, StageLight-crafted work will the likes of Zayed Hassan, Prashant Mishra, Kev Bev Collins, LUBObe or all the others come up with next? And some of our bigger artist partners – namely Linkin Park – stepped it up big time in 2013. There was the Linkin Park – StageLight BitTorrent bundle, which packaged the StageLight – Linkin Park Edition along with several videos and other melodic touchstones for the vastly popular torrenting’s sites users. This was a huge success for Open Labs, and it allowed us to establish a new marketing baseline. And then, to top it all off, LP performed with Steve Aoki on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night program – putting StageLight on the national stage in an energizing performance of “A Light That Never Comes.”

Press coverage also jumped up over the past 12 months. Open Labs received attention in multiple venues, from the Huffington Post to the Austin American-Statesman. There were a lot of comments and opinions to wade through after these stories broke. While there’s no such thing as bad publicity, as the cliche goes, we felt that these Open Labs stories were strikingly positive depictions of our continuing development narrative. We also introduced a new video series, the StageLight Studio Sessions, in which musicians come into the Open Labs headquarters and compose something, in front of the camera, on StageLight. These have been some of our most rewarding and effective in-house products. We look forward to expanding on the three we’ve been able to put out so far. And did we forget the Dell Fader Fort at SXSW 2013? Of course not! Those were a highly active, highly informative series of days that we will look to repeat at the 2014 festival in March.

As we continue to expand our online and social media reach, Open Labs discovers more and more people who want to break into music. With StageLight gaining more notices, customers and write-ups daily, it’s highly likely Open Labs will hit critical mass in 2014. We don’t know what that looks like yet, or what the phrase means in terms of tangible results and events, but 2014 will be exciting as we work toward it. We hope everyone had a great 2013 and is looking forward alongside us for an even better 2014.