Enter the Open Labs December Instagram Contest!

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Open Labs, Open Labs Events


december-stagelight-contestIt’s that time again. Open Labs is marking the end of 2013 with another major contest, this time using our favorite photo social network, Instagram. Have you checked out Open Labs’ Instagram page? We’re adding multiple pictures, followers, friends and “likes” daily. It was only a matter of time before we took our use of the photo sharing app to the next level. Our December Instagram Contest will compile the best creator-submitted photos of artists using StageLight under the #StageLightcontest hashtag. The best photo, selected after a solid month of photo collecting, will be rewarded with a special 8-inch HD tablet that is pre-installed with Windows 8. We want to see as many different angles and interfaces of StageLight-in-use as possible!

Artists who take part in the contest will be contacted by Open Labs the day their photo is posted. We’ll drop a link in the comments for where to go on our website to fill out the rest of the official entry information. It’ll be a quick questionnaire that’s designed to get contestant’s contact info (for shipping purposes should they win) and possibly some social media connection as well. An additional point; if the winner has music ready for consumption Open Labs will share it with the world! So the winner gets a tablet and a larger audience! Not to be unfair, of course – we’ll share some other contestant’s music if they allow. The great thing about this contest is that there is no real barrier for entry beyond using the #StageLightcontest hashtag. Open Labs will come to you as soon as that picture is up!

Instagram is one of the most fun social networks to work on, in our opinion. The ability to create photos, montages and videos really lets the team over here be a little more creative. It also allows us to show off behind-the-scene views and simultaneously highlight the talented professionals over here working on StageLight. Our partnerships occasionally result in photos of our work (StageLight or one of our older hardware pieces) being published by our connections. And each follow and follow-back further entangles Open Labs with the wide world of music creators, digital workmen (and women) and internet pros. You can recreate an entire story from the images on a person’s Instagram account. If you look at ours, our narrative and developmental arc is clear.

Anyway, the December Instagram contest begins tomorrow, December 6th. It goes until January 6th. Cue up StageLight, flash a few pics of yourself, and tag the best one with #StageLightcontest. You’ll be entered into a vast, exciting world of possible connections and achievements. And you just might pull a Tablet out of the deal.