StageLight v1.2, the Latest Update in the Easy Way to Create Music, Releases Today

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Open Labs, Stagelight

Touch-ScreenOpen Labs keeps up a busy schedule, for sure. Today we announce the latest breakthrough in StageLight, the Easy Way to Create Music. StageLight v1.2, our new update for the super-accessible music composing/producing software, has officially dropped onto the market as of October 16th, 2013. The v1.2 innovations are some of the best StageLight has offered yet, as they make StageLight even more accessible and intuitive for creative users around the globe. As a young company with a new, game-changing product on our hands, Open Labs must keep up a steady release and update schedule so we stay ahead of the ever-roiling business trends and cultural movements. StageLight v1.2 represents another triumph for our continuing, ambitious marketing and production schedule. It is an update to be proud of, and one to be enjoyed.

StageLight v.1.2’s new tools promise to be beloved staples of creatives. For instance, the new KeyLock feature allows users to fly all over the keyboard and still maintain the correct key. KeyLock takes the talent for melody creation and instills it into every person who uses StageLight, no matter if they have musical knowledge or not. By effectively banishing wrong notes from the interface, KeyLock’s activation removes another major music composition hurdle within the StageLight program. If you look at the StageLight v1.2 banner next to this paragraph, you will see what KeyLock looks like. The white-to-dark color coordinated keys will soon become as iconic an image associated with StageLight as our celebrated drum interface. Even for people who know how to play an instrument, KeyLock is a ton of fun. Advanced musicians can simply “turn off their brain” and go crazy on the touch screen now. KeyLock provides a nearly limitless play experience.

There are also an additional, new effects suite packed into v1.2. While StageLight’s stable of sounds and effects was already impressive – able to capture, twist, bend and customize users’ music at the touch of a finger – StageLight v1.2’s broader effects suite is undeniably more effective, with more options for creatives. StageLight creators can now add flanger, reverb, chorus, bitcrusher, parametric EQ and/or limiter to their compositions, drastically expanding the breadth of sound design capability in StageLight. Of course, these new effects can be used/combined with the already-existing suite that comes with StageLight, as well as any 3rd party VSTs or Plug-ins brought to the game by the user. With this expansion of the effects suite, there are more possibilities than ever for what StageLight creatives can achieve.

The third major addition for StageLight v1.2 is perhaps the most drastic change to the StageLight program interface. A new in-app store is available with v1.2 that will allow creatives to “audition” new sounds, download content and purchase exclusive, Open Labs-approved artist packs directly from StageLight. This update – which means that new additions to a creative’s StageLight experience can be picked up inside the software itself – is a manageable consolidation of user needs and StageLight accessibility. Open Labs has taken out the middle man for these updates/purchases. What’s even better: all these new features are free if the creator is a registered StageLight user.

So Open Labs is basically delivering a huge change for the better directly to StageLight user’s door (or computer). StageLight v1.2 gives creatives more weapons in their composing arsenal and more channels for tools and composing additions. It’s the most intuitive and dynamic StageLight release yet, and it’s brand new today. Get yours at the Open Labs website.