StageLight is Keepin’ an Eye on our Music Partners, Linkin Park!

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Open Labs Artists, Stagelight

linkinparklogopartnersAt this point, it is well known that Open Labs has ongoing partnerships with superstar musicians Linkin Park and Timbaland. Obviously, these guys are super busy at all times, being superstars, but they’re undeniably a part of the Open Labs StageLight story. These past months, Open Labs has been paying a lot of attention to Linkin Park on account of several initiatives the alt rockers are pushing through.

The first item that popped up in the past few months was the contest LP was putting on for the LPU (Linkin Park Underground, the group’s fervent fan base). The “LPU Sessions Contest” ended on Sunday, August 4th – so Open Labs hope you got your entry in already if you were interested! Mike Shinoda, LP’s majordomo, led the call for fan-submitted original material. The grand prize offered the dream to fans – a chance to work on the original tune with Linkin Park in their Los Angeles-based studio! Here’s what we posted on our Facebook about the contest.

“Check out Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park inviting you to sign up for a contest they are running. If you are a member of the LPU (Linkin Park Underground) sign up to compete for the LPU Sessions contest. Also, check out killer custom painted XXL we made for Mike (X4). The weekend is almost here, make some music! And if you have been rockin’ StageLight, check out the Linkin Park Edition, there are lots of exclusive sounds created by the band.

The contest is over, but our sentiments in that message remain true. Shinoda wasn’t resting on his laurels after setting up the LPU Sessions. He was also taking the time to speak with, a tech-centered website powered by CNET. He spoke about his work ethic, which inevitably brought up some great comments about StageLight. Our Facebook update put it thus:

“Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park spoke to about StageLight. It’s a fantastic interview. The support and interest around StageLight has been outstanding. Thanks Mike, Linkin Park and all of our supporters! Check out the article here –

The relevant, StageLight-focused part of the article follows:

How did you become involved with StageLight?
I’ve had a relationship with OpenLabs for years. I’ve used their software and hardware onstage. A few years ago I was transitioning from a more primitive setup and I realized that I needed a software solution that could play anything that I made in the studio that required a computer-based system. And once I met with OpenLabs and saw the gear that they had, they convinced me that this PC-based system would be the way to go. When I was using it onstage or in the studio, I’d be asking for additions or something specific that I might need in whatever situation, and over time it developed into a relationship that resulted in StageLight.

What sets StageLight apart?
StageLight is more like a music writing and music creation software, though it has roots in performance. But we started looking at it as there really isn’t great music-creation software for PCs. Apple obviously has GarageBand, but there isn’t an application that teaches and allows a brand-new user who’s never really done a song before to make something from scratch. StageLight is designed so that within five to ten minutes a user who’s never made a song before can create a song and share it on SoundCloud or Facebook, or any other place where they could interact with their friends and family online.

What distinguishes the Linkin Park Edition?
There’s a special edition called the “Linkin Park Edition,” which includes a library of sounds that we made in the studio; and if you buy that edition you could use sounds that are Linkin Park sounds and make your own songs. It’s almost like an expansion pack.”

To read the rest of the interview, go here.

Right now, Open Labs has a new contest running involving Linkin Park and GrammyU. The StageLight – Linkin Park Edition Music Creation Contest started late last week and runs for two weeks. You can enter here. The grand prize is your StageLight-created composition will be shared on Linkin Park and Grammy U’s social media channels. What a huge chance for exposure! Enter the contest here.

So Linkin Park is staying busy, and Open Labs is as well. The tech world and music industry never stop churning, so expect more updates soon!