Join the StageLight Artist Community Contest!

by | Sep 3, 2013 | Open Labs, Open Labs Events, Stagelight

Musicians of the world should pay attention to this! Open Labs is throwing our first ever StageLight Artist Community Contest! A grand prize of a FREE Dell XPS 18 touch screen computer will be awarded to the winner. The selection of the contest’s victor is based on which StageLight Artist Community submission receives the most “Likes” on SoundCloud. Open Labs plans for this to be the first of several major contest initiatives.

To join the Artist Community Contest, creators must first buy and register a copy of StageLight, the Easy Way to Create Music. Then they need to join the Open Labs Artist Community; this way they can be part of the roster of StageLight users and any compositions can be easily tracked inside the contest.

Open Labs is consolidating all the submitted songs under a SoundCloud group, but you can also hear them in the Artist Community page. Submissions will be judged by the number of “likes” recorded on SoundCloud, so creators need to spread the word to their friends!

Early submissions include Prince Red Eye’s angry, combative “God Damn America” (Remix), Dakota Nels0n’s Beach House-meets-industrial “Daydream” and Michael Flares’ rocket-like synth lines in “Adding Elements.”

To get involved with the contest, watch this video and follow the rules. Additionally, you can hear the current contest submissions below!

Open Labs can’t wait to hear what our StageLight Artist Community comes up with!

UPDATE: The winner of the StageLight Artist Community Contest has been announced! Congratulate Bulgaria’s LUBObe, whose song “Love” came in as our winner with 193 “likes.”