Open Labs Takes Part in the #DellU “Campus Activation” University Tour

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Open Labs Events

On Wednesday, July 17th, Open Labs was proud to take part in the inaugural stop on the DellU (#DellU) University Tour. We showed off StageLight to students at Open Labs hometown’s flagship college, The University of Texas at Austin. The Peter T. Flawn Academic Center ‘s (known casually to students and staff at UT as the FAC) Campus Computer Store was the sight of the tour’s activities on that nice July day. From 11 a.m. until closure at 6 p.m., students and other customers who came through the Computer Store were treated, if they were interested, to a full demo of StageLight by Open Labs’ on-site professionals.

Response was strongly positive. It seems that there are still people who are “looking for the catch,” as it may be, when they see how intuitive and accessible StageLight is and they see it only costs $9.99. But after a demo and actually getting to put their hands on the integrated keyboards and drum machines in StageLight, the vast majority of students who swung by the Open Labs booth responded with fascination and were clearly impressed with the program’s capabilities.


Representatives from Dell were also at the event, obviously. In many ways, these young professionals are Open Labs’ “partners in arms” for this event, as StageLight is applicable with several new Dell computers, like the XPS 12, XPS 27 and XPS 18. They’re not pre-loaded with the recording and composing program at this point, but ease of installation is just another great feature of StageLight, the Easy Way to Create Music.

If you would like to follow the Dell University Tour, check out the #DellU hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. After the first day at UT, Dell will be taking StageLight on the road with #DellU to the following universities: the University of South Florida, the University of Florida, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of California Los Angeles, Arizona State University, the University of Southern California, University of Utah, New York University and University of Arizona. The schedule for these visits is as follows:

UCLA – August 14th

USC – August 16th

ASU – August 21st

University of Utah – August 23rd

NYU – August 25th

University of Arizona – August 29th

University of South Florida – September 19th

The #DellU Campus Activation University Tour allows Open Labs to take StageLight to the next generation of creative power players. We are looking forward to criss-crossing this great country’s colleges with our groundbreaking StageLight software!