Don’t Miss Out! Make the switch to Zenbeats before it’s too late.

The Next Step for Stagelight Customers

Open Labs is proud to announce that Stagelight and the Stagelight team have been acquired by one of the largest and most innovative companies in music technology, Roland Corporation. Under Roland, development has proceeded at a rapid pace, and the company has announced immediate availability of the next version of Stagelight, now known as Roland Zenbeats.

As a part of Roland’s historic family of products, Zenbeats features genuine Roland sounds as well as a sleek new interface. Zenbeats includes expressive on-screen instruments, 3rd party plugin integration including drag and drop support, collaborative jamming via Ableton Link, streamlined cloud support, and enhanced exporting options.

All Stagelight credits will be honored through December 31st, 2019. Users must spend their remaining credits in Stagelight before making the transition to Zenbeats. You may continue to use Stagelight after this date, however, downloads and support services will be discontinued as of January 1st, 2020.

Finally, please note that Roland Zenbeats is not available in all countries at this time. Please follow Roland Zenbeats on social media for future announcements concerning expanded availability. Roland has big plans going forward, so we enthusiastically encourage all Stagelight customers to upgrade to Zenbeats today! Click below to upgrade and be sure to follow all the steps in the FAQ.

Zenbeats is available now!



What is the Zenbeats Special Offer?
We are proud to announce the release of Roland Zenbeats, a new cross-platform music creation app. Through December 31st 2019, all current Stagelight customers are eligible to receive their equivalent version of Zenbeats at no additional cost. Sign up now!
What if I'm in an unsupported country?
Roland Zenbeats is not available in all countries at this time. We recommend that you follow the steps below to transfer and save your Product Key for later use if Zenbeats is unavailable for your country. Please follow Roland Zenbeats on social media for future announcements concerning expanded availability.
How do I use my remaining in-app credits?
In-app credits will not transfer to Zenbeats. Be sure to spend them in Stagelight before making the switch. Stagelight credits will be honored through December 31st, 2019.
How do I load existing songs into Zenbeats?
All of your Stagelight songs and other user-created or saved content like recordings and audio can be imported into Zenbeats from the Stagelight library.

  1. Find the location of your Stagelight User Content Folder in Menu/Settings/General.
  2. Next, back up the content you want.
  3. In most cases you will want to back up the “Songs” and “Mixdowns” folders. However, if you’ve imported audio into the library or made custom drum kits, check out the “Audio Samples” and “Drum Kits” folders and back them up as needed.
  4. Once you have all of your files, open up Zenbeats, go to Menu/Settings/General and find the location of the Zenbeats User Content Folder.
  5. Open the Zenbeats User Content Folder and copy the selected Stagelight folders into it.
  6. Please note that your user songs must stay in folders with the same names. Copy the entire “Songs” folder from Stagelight into the Zenbeats User folder.
  7. Once all of your content has been transferred, restart Zenbeats and you’ll be able to load all of your songs and custom patches.
How do I access songs saved in Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive?
In your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive account, locate the folder labeled “Stagelight” and rename it “Zenbeats.” Connect to the same cloud account in Zenbeats and your songs will be available.
How do I transfer purchased features and content into Zenbeats?
For a limited time, you can transfer features and content purchases to your new Zenbeats* account. Follow the steps listed below. Some content will not transfer**.

  1. Open Stagelight, click main menu, and select “Store.”
  2. Spend remaining credits on Loops, Presets, or Features. Credits will not be transferred to Zenbeats.
  3. Click the pencil icon to display your account information. Double-check the email address linked to your Stagelight account. You will need to use this address for the Roland Backstage account required for Zenbeats.
  4. Click here and enter your email address to receive your custom key. You will receive an email with further instructions.
  5. Download your key. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder if you can’t find the email.
  6. Click here to create your Roland Backstage account. You must use the email address linked to your Stagelight account for your key to function.
  7. Follow the prompts to verify your Roland Backstage account.
  8. Download Zenbeats. Click here
  9. Open Zenbeats and sign in with your Roland Backstage account.
  10. Click the “Store” icon to the upper right of the screen.
  11. Click the “Redeem” button and follow the prompts to import your Stagelight key.

Welcome to the Roland Zenbeats family!

*Zenbeats requires a free Roland Backstage account

**Many Packs are no longer available in Zenbeats. See full list below.

Loops: 5 Speed, Alien Tech, Alt Rock, Ambient Soundcapes, Ambient Soundcapes 2, Bando Bandito, Bengal Delta, Bled Dry, Brooders, Classic Beats, Classic Country, Classic Rock, Clown Hunt, Club Jam, Complextro, DJ Mix, DubStep Drums, Dubstep 2, Epic Dream, Fearless, Folk Country, Folk Country 2, Fundamental indie, Goodbye, Groove, Hard Rock, Heroes, Hip Hop, Hybrid Acoustic, Iconic Rock I, Indie Folk, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Linkin Park Loops Vol 1, Linkin Park Loops Vol 2, Meltdown, Mixed Up, Nashville Twang, Neon Flight, Neverland, Nu Jazz, Pop Rock, Prog Rock, Punker, Rave House, RealOG, Retro Funk, Ride Beats, Roger That, Smiling Psycopath, Soul, Southern Rock, Spring Departure, Straight Up Funk, Synth Hop, The Follower, Thin Ice, Timbaland Loops, Trap, Zero Gravity

Presets: Classic 80’s Drums, Club Jam Drums, Complextro Drums, Crew Drums, DJ Mix Drums, DubStep Drum Kits, Freak Drums, Future FM, Future Funk Drums, Groove Drums, Legendary Drums, LightWave, Linkin Park Drums Vol 1, Linkin Park Drums Vol 2, Linkin Park Instruments, Linkin Park ElectroSynth Presets, Vintage Stringers, Mixed Up Drums, Neon Keys Vol 1, Neon Keys Vol 2, Neverland Drums, Organs Vol 1, Rave House Drums, Real OG Drums, Roger That Drums, Sit Back Drums, Smooth Drums, Street Beats Drums, Vintage FM, Vox Tools, World Percussion

How do I transfer purchased features and content that Zenbeats did not transfer?
**Unfortunately, many of the packs included in Stagelight will not be available in Zenbeats due to various licensing issues. You can add the sounds from Stagelight manually.

  1. Locate the Open Labs Library folder, it should be located in:
    • Windows  Users/Public/Documents/OpenLabs library
    • Mac  Macintosh HD⁩ ▸ ⁨Users⁩ ▸ ⁨Shared⁩ ▸ ⁨Open Labs Library⁩ 
  2. You will want to move the contents Audio Samples and Drum kits to the corresponding folders in the Zenbeats user folder.
    • Windows  users/your user name/Zenbeats user
    • Mac   Macintosh HD⁩ ▸ ⁨Users⁩ ▸ ⁨your user name⁩ ▸ Zenbeats User⁩

**These packs will not appear in the My Stuff section of the in app store, but they will be available to use in the audio and drum sounds browsers.

How do I Import my Stagelight Key if I am having issues?
Try these steps to transfer the Stagelight Key file.


1. Open the email from Open Labs that contains your key in an email app on your iOS device.
2. Save the key file. In my case I used the default iOS mail app. First down the file and the press the file again to bring up the save options.
3. From the saving options, choose save to files, then navigate to the ‘on my iPad/ iPhone > Zenbeats and save there.
4. Open Zenbeats, go to the in App Store and press redeem in the top right.
5. In the redeem section choose user key and press the folder icon.
6. Go to ‘on my iPad/ iPhone, locate the Zenbeats folder and select the key file you saved in step 3. Then just press OK in redeem window in Zenbeats.

All other platforms:

1. Open the email from Open Labs that contains your key.
2. Save the key file. Make sure it is saved in a location that you will be able to find easily
3. Open Zenbeats, go to the in App Store and press redeem in the top right.
4. In the redeem section choose user key and press the folder icon.
5. In the browser that is launched, locate the Zenbeats folder and select the key file you saved in step. Then just press OK in redeem window in Zenbeats.

Where can I get customer support with the Stagelight to Zenbeats transition?
The best channel for support is HERE

A Roland Backstage account may be required.

The Open Labs Story
During the past eight years, Open Labs created two popular and critically acclaimed music software productsand creatives worldwide responded with over four million unique downloads. The company’s mission was simple: democratize music creation by making products that were easy to use, educational, and inexpensive. It’s a goal we feel we accomplished. 

The Stagelight team was a small group of superstars who implemented several significant innovations in the music creation space. Our cutting-edge DAW was among the first to include cross-platform capabilities, in-app lessons, a loop building engine, and touch screen functionality. 

Our team did an amazing job—day in, day out. The success of the platform is a testament to their passion and dedication. With constant focus on improving the customer experience, they guided Stagelight through four upgrades and over 20 updates, across five operating systems and seven languages. 

Many thanks to the Stagelight team for their commitment to our products, customers, and partners. Roland is fortunate to welcome these professionals, and it’s been a privilege to have worked with each individual on the team. None of this would have been possible without you. 

We also had some outstanding partnerships along the journey. This includes the incredible investors that funded Open Labs and provided meaningful input and timely counsel. Additionally, Linkin Park and Timbaland are remarkable artists who supported Open Labs via contests and social media. Open Labs was also fortunate to work with technology partners like Intel, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Asus, HP, Acer, and Arm who all supported our mission. Without them, our company could not have achieved all that we did. 

A huge thank-you must go out to our Stagelight customers for their continuous support. Your input was critical to the improvement and growth of the app. We wish you all the best as you continue your musical journeys with Roland Zenbeats. 

Finally, on a personal note, I want to sincerely thank my wife, children, family and friends who have supported me during this exciting endeavor.

– Cliff Mountain